About Us


Providing great coffee and service while offering HOPE to those in need


We purchase our beans from all over the world and ship most of them green to our Oklahoma City warehouse. As orders are placed, our local roasting facility carefully roasts the beans to perfection, locking in the fresh aroma, taste and texture. Whether you purchase whole bean or we grind it for you, rest assured that the coffee you receive from Higher Grounds Coffee Company will be some of the freshest and smoothest you can find. So sit back, relax and enjoy the difference.


A lot of life centers around a cup of coffee.  So many decisions made, so many friendships nurtured, tears shed and laughs shared.  Over a cup of coffee can be the place to begin making changes in the world around us.  So how do we get started making a difference together:

  • It has to be great coffee.  Life is too short for nasty tasting coffee!
  • Freshness and quality are non-negotiable
  • Provide coffee to individuals, businesses and churches to enjoy with great service and fair prices
  • Boldly speak the Word of God into the coffee community
  • Share the vision with others that are looking for an opportunity to reach out to the hurting
  • Offer HOPE to people in need by providing homes, nutritious food and clean water, and jobs and education while sharing the love of Jesus