Coffee For Everyone!

Coffee For Everyone!

If you are looking for a new coffee vendor near you, you have come to the right place! Choosing the best coffee for your office should be easy. We know that some of you may not even know where to start, so we want to help you by walking you through our process.

When you start looking for a local coffee service company and reach out to Higher Grounds, our first step will be to set up a time to come visit your office and see what you currently have in place. Each office needs a plan customized to their needs to make sure we are doing what works best for your
office! At that initial meeting, we would love to get to know you and your business. We will look at your kitchen or break room and figure out what is working for you and what can be improved!

After the initial meeting, we will schedule a free coffee tasting for your office. This is the most fun part! We bring in a variety of our locally roasted, fresh coffees for your staff to try, and of course, some donuts, because it’s a special occasion! We will let everyone weigh in on their favorite coffee because we want to find the fit that is best for your staff.

We will then review what we know and send you a proposal, so you have all the pricing and everything up front. We don’t ask for a contract because we believe in the relationships we form. We want to make sure you are happy with the service and fresh coffee we provide, and if not, we want to fix it!

Finally, we will show up and set up your new machines and deliver your first order. From there on out, we will deliver whatever you need and clean and maintain the equipment. We can even offer same day service as needed if there is an issue or you need another delivery before the next scheduled date. We hope this helped you understand the process, and gave you a good idea of what to expect. We look forward to getting to know you over a cup of our coffee!

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