Our mission is to boldly speak the Word of God and to offer hope to all that we encounter.  This can be done in many ways, including through our words, actions and financial support.  We strongly agree with the concept that "giving only" to those in need can hurt more than it helps by potentially creating a culture of dependency and entitlement.  However, we believe that if a person has a safe/dry place to call home, nutritious food and clean water, an appropriate education and a job, and a knowledge of the peace that comes through Jesus Christ, hope will be the end result.  Hope changes everything!

We have found that we can make the biggest difference by joining those that are already hard at work.  Below is a list of ministries, funds and churches that we partner with or help support:


Ministries we supportEl Arca Orphanage (Peru) 

Global Vision Citadel Ministries (Haiti) 

Joys Unlimited Foundation (New York)

Mission OKC (Oklahoma) 

Murphy Family Charitable Fund (Oklahoma)

New Song Mission (Haiti) 

Operation Mobilisation Nepal 

OM Ships International 




Our Church Customers and Partners in Ministry:Christian Symbol | Higher Grounds Coffee

     Calvary Church of the Nazarene

     Cherokee Hills Baptist Church

     Cherokee Hills Christian Church 

     Chisholm Heights Baptist Church

      First Baptist Church, Mustang, OK 

     Ignite Church, Woodward, OK

     Metropolitan Baptist Church 

     Summit Church

     Town & Country Christian Church