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Great coffee for a Higher Cause

Our mission is to boldly speak the Word of God and to offer hope to all that we encounter.  This can be done in many ways, including through our words, actions and financial support.  We strongly agree with the concept that “giving only” to those in need can hurt more than it helps by potentially creating a culture of dependency and entitlement.  However, we believe that if a person has a safe/dry place to call home, nutritious food and clean water, an appropriate education and a job, and a knowledge of the peace that comes through Jesus Christ, hope will be the end result.  Hope changes everything! We have found that we can make the biggest difference by joining those that are already hard at work. Below is a list of ministries and churches that we partner with or help support:

Why coffee?

A lot of life centers around a cup of coffee.  So many decisions made, so many friendships nurtured, tears shed and laughs shared.  Over a cup of coffee can be the place to begin making changes in the world around us.  So how do we get started making a difference together:

It has to be great coffee. Life is too short for nasty tasting coffee!

Freshness and quality are non-negotiable

Boldly speak the Word of God into the coffee community

Provide coffee to individuals, businesses and churches to enjoy with great service and fair prices

Share the vision with others that are looking for an opportunity to reach out to the hurting

Offer HOPE to people in need by providing homes, nutritious food and clean water, and jobs and education while sharing the love of Jesus

We purchase our beans from all over the world and ship most of them green to our Oklahoma City warehouse. As orders are placed, our local roasting facility carefully roasts the beans to perfection, locking in the fresh aroma, taste and texture. Whether you purchase whole bean or we grind it for you, rest assured that the coffee you receive from Higher Grounds Coffee Company will be some of the freshest and smoothest you can find.

Meet the team

Jonathan Behymer

In August 2021, Jonathan joined the company and helps lead our business development effort.  He along with his wife Sommer hope to expand our coffee business into more communities and local churches, businesses, coffee shops, grocery stores, as well as the homes of so many Americans.  

Jonathan first began working with Ken in 2006 at Enviro Clean Services and together, with God’s blessing and a tremendous team, grew the company 1,100% in just seven short years before Ken sold the company in May 2013.  Merging everyday business and a desire to serve others based upon Christian values allows for relationships to flourish and an opportunity to make a real impact with those around us.    

Jonathan and Sommer live in Edmond, Oklahoma along with their four children, three dogs, and attend Faith Bible Church.  They hope the success of Higher Grounds Coffee Company will grant financial support to other ministries, churches, and ultimately the further spread of the gospel.  

Ken Murphy

Ken is our CEO.  Prior to Higher Grounds, he was the founder and CEO of Enviro Clean Services.  Under his leadership, Enviro Clean grew to become one of the largest and fastest growing environmental companies in Oklahoma.  He and Joe sold the company in 2013 and waited on God to show them what was next.  Through a series of events Ken was led to co-found Higher Grounds with his wife Linda, daughter-in-law Tiffany, and longtime friend Joe.  Linda and Ken’s son, Jordan, joined the company in 2014. Working with family, starting a business from scratch, innovative customer service and finding opportunities to merge everyday business activities with Christian values are all passions of his.

When it comes to Ken’s favorite coffee, nothing too fancy is needed. Just a good cup of coffee with a fire in the fireplace will do. His favorites are our Genesis Blend and Jamaica Blue Mountain. 

Linda Murphy

Linda is our Chief Financial Officer.  She has managed the bookkeeping and accounting in every company that Ken has started so she jumped at the chance to continue that role at Higher Grounds.  She loves working with family and enjoys meeting new people and sharing her passion about our company and the various charities it helps support. Ken and Linda have six children, six sons/daughters in law, six incredibly bright grandchildren, and Gracie, the sweetest dog ever.

Jordan Murphy

Jordan is our Operations Manager and, in that role, wears many different hats within the company. During the week he manages the coffee inventory and packaging, and delivers our products to multiple businesses, churches, grocery stores, and coffee shoppes. What he does best is handle all things customer service.  He is a true “people person” that loves to interact directly with our customers. When he isn’t running around for us, Jordan can be found hanging out with his wife Lindsay, his son Myles, their Corgi pup Scout, winning fantasy football, and playing disc golf or soccer.