Ken Murphy
Ken is our CEO.  Prior to Higher Grounds, he was the founder and CEO of Enviro Clean Services.  Under his leadership, Enviro Clean grew to become one of the largest and fastest growing environmental companies in Oklahoma.  He and Joe sold the company in 2013 and waited on God to show them what was next.  Through a series of events Ken was led to co-found Higher Grounds with his wife Linda, daughter-in-law Tiffany, and longtime friend Joe.  Linda and Ken's son, Jordan, joined the company in 2014.  Working with family, starting a business from scratch, innovative customer service and finding opportunities to merge everyday business activities with Christian values are all passions of his.

When it comes to Ken’s favorite coffee, nothing too fancy is needed.  Just a good cup of coffee with a fire in the fireplace will do.   His favorites are our Java and Jamaica Blue Mountain

Linda Murphy
Linda is our Chief Financial Officer.  She has managed the bookkeeping and accounting in every company that Ken has started so she jumped at the chance to continue that role at Higher Grounds.  She loves working with family and enjoys meeting new people and sharing her passion about our company and the various charities it helps support.  Ken and Linda have six children, four sons/daughters in law, four incredibly bright grand-children, and Gracie, the sweetest dog ever.

Although Linda doesn’t drink coffee, she loves our Hot Chocolate with lots of whipping cream on top!!  

Jordan Murphy

Jordan is our Operations Manager and, in that role, wears many different hats within the company.  What he does best is handle all things customer service.  He is a true "people person" that loves to interact directly with our customers.  He is also a barista and has his own version of latte art that looks a lot like blobs and stick figures.
Joe Jordan
Joe is our President. He has partnered with Ken for over 10 years on various business ventures and was president of the New York office of Enviro Clean Services. Joe also runs a charitable foundation in New York with emphasis on giving to children and families in times of need. Joe loves talking to and interacting with people on a one on one basis.  Using his relational expertise along with God’s grace and guidance, his heart and passion to help those in need is being poured into Higher Grounds Coffee Company.

Joe enjoys a strong & rich cup of our Columbian all natural decaf coffee and starts every day with at least one.  Joe is married to Shari and they have two children, Lindsey and Wyatt.